The area of the District of Trade of Pavia coincides with the historic center of the city.
The area is bounded on the south by the ancient Spanish walls and from the Ticino River and includes, in addition to the historical center, also part of Borgo Ticino. The historic core, defined by the ring road, clearly shows the area of ​​the rectangular Roman fort, on which  decumano massimo pass today Corso Cavour and Corso Mazzini. Within the District are preserved main monuments and is present most of the commercial and public services of the city.

From the point of view of distribution, the area is the main commercial hub of the city. The composition of the outlets in the District is predominantly characterized by neighborhood businesses, whose units represent more than 54% of trade in the vicinity of the city center.

Since 2013, the District is managed by 'Association of the Urban District of the Municipality of Pavia, which include: the City of Pavia, Pavia ASM, Chamber of Commerce, and ASCOM Confesercenti.


The Association has the objective of developing the competitiveness of the business system (commercial, craft, public exercises, service and tourism) located in the District, through the promotion and enhancement of the business environment, to the benefit of both visitors both tourists and residents.

Al fine di conseguire tale scopo l'Associazione ha partecipato al Quinto Bando dei Distretti Urbani del Commercio verso EXPO 2015, promosso da Regione Lombardia, con il progetto PAVIA IN RETE.

Il progetto è stato finanziato ed è in attuazione.

The proposed project involves the construction of three SIGHTSEEING:
• Route Info City Services
• Itinerary historical, artistic and taste “Le Vie del Gusto e dell’Arte”

• Route revaluation of the squares as place making for “Un salotto per Pavia”.


In particular.


INFOCITY: The purpose of this journey is to: promote and advertise the Urban District of Trade through the integrated use of innovative and traditional systems; to develop a range of services not yet present, or only partially, within the area; Accesibility and improve mobility within the territory concerned, in favor of the residents, regulars and in anticipation of the tourist influx in 2015.
The route is divided into: form; inform and retrain.


  • Form: The project involves the construction of training for operators of commercial establishments in the District. The purpose of this action is to promote and strengthen GOOD PRACTICES in the field of tourist and operator-client relationship. Every commercial operation of the District will have the task of becoming a SMALL TOURIST INFORMATION CENTRE for the promotion of the territory and its products.
  • Inform: The intervention consists in the realization of an information system-promotion of the intervention through: tools and techniques (web platform) and traditional methods (maps, information about the city and on the web platform, etc.) for the benefit of regulars, tourists and residents.
  • Retrain: The project consists in the implementation of structural interventions for the redevelopment of services in the area of the District Urban Center and the surrounding areas, for the benefit of the regulars, tourists and residents.


LE VIE DELL’ARTE E DEL GUSTO:  the action aims to build pathways of art and taste the typical products of our entering tradizionall'interno of historical-artistic existing in the city, through: implement menu / appetizers theme to be presented in different refreshment facilities; the promotion of a basket of typical products; the periodic use of the empty windows of the District for the sale of local products.


UN SALOTTO PER PAVIA: district aims, through the participatory construction of a cultural, manage and organize coordination intervention in the squares and streets of the District of Pavia, and to support and strengthen the actions and events already in place. And decorate the streets and squares of the city with structures of urban furniture.




The events in pavia

Arte Pubblica - Eventi a Pavia - pavialcentro
Friday 12 May to Tuesday 12 November

Ciclo di conferenze a cura del Direttore artistico Ar.Vi.Ma Silvia Ferrari Lilienau.Nel corso di cinque conferenze si affrontano le declinazioni dell'arte pubblica dagli anni Trent

De Chirico, De Pisis, Carrà. La vita nascosta delle cose - Eventi a Pavia - pavialcentro
Thursday 18 April to Sunday 28 July
Castello Visconteo

Un punto di vista nuovo sulla storia dell'arte.

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