Casa Folperti

Via Parodi, 35
27100 Pavia PV
From Ponte Coperto to San Giorgio in Monfalcone
Historic building
Visiting hours: 
visible only externally

This large building, which rises on the corner of  Via Teodolinda and Via Parodi, today a seat for offices and private residences, is connected to Santino Folperti’s family, ducal doctor during the Visconti supremacy. On Via Parodi, a characteristic double gate can be seen with high round arcades currently padded. On the higher floors, one can see windows with reduced lighting of Romanesque form as well as ogival windows of typical late Gothic style. In several sections of the walling, one can see successions of courses of brick and river pebbles. In the interior of the building, a portico courtyard with columns bearing the Folperti’s emblem, can be found.

The events in pavia

Arte Pubblica - Eventi a Pavia - pavialcentro
Friday 12 May to Tuesday 12 November

Ciclo di conferenze a cura del Direttore artistico Ar.Vi.Ma Silvia Ferrari Lilienau.Nel corso di cinque conferenze si affrontano le declinazioni dell'arte pubblica dagli anni Trent

De Chirico, De Pisis, Carrà. La vita nascosta delle cose - Eventi a Pavia - pavialcentro
Thursday 18 April to Sunday 28 July
Castello Visconteo

Un punto di vista nuovo sulla storia dell'arte.

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