Casa dei Diversi (o Casa Rossa)

Piazza della Vittoria
27100 Pavia PV
From Ponte Coperto to San Giorgio in Monfalcone
Historic building
Visiting hours: 
visible only externally

Casa dei Diversi was constructed between 1376 and 1383 as the residence of Nicolino De Diversi, ducal revenue expert of Visconti times. The house immediately constituted as an example of how buildings around the square were once structured. The building was renovated and expanded by the Visconti’s. On the ground floor, a portico can be seen apt for housing trading activities, while living spaces are located on the upper floors. The façade on Piazza della Vittoria still displays a beautiful trifore window on the first floor and above, a single-lancet window can be seen, whereas the other openings seem to have been buffered. The building is also known as “Casa Rossa” (Red House) as it was originally clad with a plaster painted in red in order to feign the underlying brick walling. A painting, not very visible today, representing the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament by Carlo Antonio Bianchi, was added in the eighteenth century.

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