Eustachi House

Via Porta Pertusi, 6
27100 Pavia PV
From Ponte Coperto to San Giorgio in Monfalcone
Secretaría Unitre, 0382/530619
Historic building
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Casa degli Eustachi, today the offices of Unitre, rises in the old quarter of Porta Calcinara, not far from the River Ticino. Its name is connected with that of its owners, the Eustachi family, of plebeian origins. The family’s main representative was Pasino, who had taken on important burdens  under the control of Gian Galeazzo Visconti and later Filippo Maria Visconti, passing from the fishermen Mayor of Paratico to supervisor of the dockyard and of the Ducal Naviglio.

Construction dates back to the beginning of the fifteenth century and was perhaps structured around a small internal courtyard. Of the old building today, only two L-shaped constructions remain, but it is supposed that the area was much larger.

The building displays elegant ogival mullioned windows outlined in terracotta which open towards the internal space, while on the facade, one can admire a portal of the same shape, embellished with terracotta decorations dominated by a decorative framing of the same material. On the facade are two ogival mullioned windows connected to the same windowsill.


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Taking via Porta Pertusi you meet the Eustachi House, built by Pasino, captain of the fleet under Gian Galeazzo Visconti. Pavia, in the Visconti age, possessed a powerful river fleet consisting of galleons, ships and dromons. The family of Eustachi, of plebeian origin, owes its fortune to Pasino, which came to assume important positions under the rule of Gian Galeazzo Visconti and then of Filippo Maria Visconti. He was the mayor of Paratico dei Pescatori and the director of the dock and of the Naviglio Ducale.

The construction of the house dates from the early fifteenth century, when it was structured probably around a small courtyard. Today, of the ancient building, there remain only two buildings L-shaped, but it is assumed that it was much broader. It has elegant mullioned windows with pointed arches, profiled floors, which open to the interior space, while on the front you can see a portal of the same shape, embellished with a decoration in terracotta and topped by a decorated frame, made of the same material. On the façade there are also two single lancet windows with pointed arches joined by the windowsill.

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