Torre Civica (ruins)

Piazza Duomo
27100 Pavia PV
From Ponte Coperto to San Giorgio in Monfalcone
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always visible

On the northern side of the Cathedral, protected by iron railings, are the visible ruins of the Belfry of Pavia, which tragically collapsed on the 17th March, 1989. The tower was constructed in Romanesque times (from the middle of the eleventh century), carrying out both its functions connected with civil life (thus its name) and religion and was utilised for a long time as the Cathedral’s bell-tower. The tower, built in brick with reused stone inserts and adorned with ceramic basins, presented itself as a powerful structure characterised by overlappings of glass, crowned by suspended arches divided by pilasters in the lower ranges and suspended arches in continuous series in the upper ranges. It was provided with an intercommunicating staircase constructed within the wall thickness, allowing one to reach the top. The bell compartment was added at the end of the sixteenth century, and was designed by Pellegrino Tibaldi.

The events in pavia

Arte Pubblica - Eventi a Pavia - pavialcentro
Friday 12 May to Tuesday 12 November

Ciclo di conferenze a cura del Direttore artistico Ar.Vi.Ma Silvia Ferrari Lilienau.Nel corso di cinque conferenze si affrontano le declinazioni dell'arte pubblica dagli anni Trent

De Chirico, De Pisis, Carrà. La vita nascosta delle cose - Eventi a Pavia - pavialcentro
Thursday 18 April to Sunday 28 July
Castello Visconteo

Un punto di vista nuovo sulla storia dell'arte.

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