Pavia -The city of taste

In the territory of Pavia we find a variety of local products thanks to the diversity of the produced crops: in Lomellina for example, the rice is widespread, in Oltrepò the extensive vineyards produce several quality of wines and in Valle Staffora the orchards are dedicated annually to “The Festival of Cherry" and “The Day of the Apple”. Moreover, it is impossible to forget the meats, including salami of Varzi DOP, goose salami from Mortara PGI, the offellas of Parona Lomellina, the mustard and peppers of Voghera and the cheeses, especially those produced in the Upper Oltrepò and the Nisso Cheese. Then the undergrowth is rich of truffles and mushrooms. The curious people may be interested to taste the risotto and the frogs cooked in Lomellina, the onion of Breme or the asparagus of Cilavegna. In recent years a new product has emerged: the honey, guaranteed by the “Beekeepers Association of Pavia”, based in Voghera.


Pavia, the provincial capital, offers inside bars, restaurants and food stores the opportunity to buy and taste the many gourmet products Km0 offered by the region. These products come directly from the farms of production and transformation of the province, and they are part of the cultural heritage of food and wine that the District intends to protect and promote.

There are many initiatives in this direction, starting with the construction of itineraries of the history, art and taste, until the organization of food & wine events. Among the major events we remind: “Drink Oltrepò- Enjoy Your Wine”; “A Sandwich in Downtown”; “The City of Taste - Dishes and Pizzas with Pavia’s Flavors”; “The Ways of Taste”. We also remember the annual trade fair “Flowers & Fruits at Visconti Castle”, now in its third edition. It is a fair dedicated to the land products of the province of Pavia and it is an important opportunity to exchange for the city and for its producers.

Come and taste our products while walking around town, you will love it! And follow us on Facebook and Twitter to be informed on the next steps.

Gli eventi a Pavia

Arte Pubblica - Eventi a Pavia - pavialcentro
Friday 12 May to Tuesday 12 November

Ciclo di conferenze a cura del Direttore artistico Ar.Vi.Ma Silvia Ferrari Lilienau.Nel corso di cinque conferenze si affrontano le declinazioni dell'arte pubblica dagli anni Trent

Seminari di Psicanalisi - La nascita della metapsicologia - Eventi a Pavia - pavialcentro
Tuesday 15 January to Tuesday 28 May
Studio psicanalitico

La Scuola di Psicanalisi Freudiana organizzerà a Pavia, dal 15 gennaio, un seminario sulla teoria della psicanalisi curato da Francesca Guma.Il seminario introdurrà i modelli conce

Incontri con la natura - Eventi a Pavia - pavialcentro
Friday 08 March to Saturday 08 June
Oasi Lipu Bosco Negri

Un appuntamento al mese per scoprire tante curiosità su piante e animali attraverso letture animate e attività pratiche in natura.Ogni incontro è suddiviso in due parti: la lettura presso la Librer

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