Bike Sharing in Pavia

Bicinum is the new luggage ande bicycle shelter at Infopoint in Piazza della Stazione in Pavia.

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Pavia Bike is a bike sharing service (shared bike) that the council makes available to citizens, commuters, students and tourists, as a tool for sustainable mobility, in order to provide a real alternative to the use of the means the property and offer an efficient integration of public transport services to traditional.

The service includes, at the time, the activation of three stations located in the following points:

  • Stazione FF.SS. – Piazzale della Stazione
  • Policlinico – Viale Golgi
  • Vittoria – Piazza della Vittoria
  • each station is equipped with 10 racks around.
    Pavia Bike is available 24 hours on 24.


    To access the service is necessary to have electronic identification card that can be picked up at:

    Mobility Service - Office Permissions
    Viale Resistance 3
    27100 Pavia


    To enroll you must submit proof of identity and sign a form for membership.
    Each enrolled person is provided a personal lock to close the bike hire.



    Payment for annual subscription of € 13.00 (VAT included)
    Rental of public bicycles:
    • For the first time free
    • For the second hour 1,20 Euro
    • From the third hour and subsequent Euro 2,00



    Minimum charge € 5.00
    The any amount to be paid is deducted automatically from credit card.



    tel. 0382 545322 – 0382 545313



    For more information on how to use the service and the costs refer to the Regulations and Rates.


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